Building construction in Montenegro

Our company has extensive experience (since 2006) in building construction in Montenegro.

Ready to help you during such operations as: buy, sell reale state in Montenegro - apartments, houses, villas, land from the coast to the north - Budva, Kotor, Petrovac, Ulcinj, St. Stephen, Tivat, Bar, Podgorica, Mojkovac etc.

We can help you find, buy any property in Montenegro, from the elite to the low-cost, affordable price.

Our basic trends are:

- searching, selection of real estate objects in Montenegro;
services on registration of real estate documents, including a building permit in Montenegro ;
- searching of apartments, flats, rooms, houses for rent in the holiday season;
- meeting in the points of arrival with further transit;
- construction - all types of construction works, purchasing of materials, monitoring of progress;
- reconstruction of houses, repairs of any complexity;
- provide care for your properties in your absence.

Building construction in Montenegro is being very advantageously investment - the lowest dues system in Europe, low living cost.

Montenegro is ideal contry for leasure and living - beautiful and clean nature with several forest reserves and national parks, which are objects of universal importance and cultural heritage under the protection of UNESCO. Warm and soft climat, average temperature in summer +28 C, in winter rarely lower then +10 C. The most clean ecology in Europe - almost complete absence of heavy industry, and the most limpid sea in the Adriatic (visibility 50 meters). Coniferous forests, citrus trees, longstanding olive trees, pomegranates, kiwi, grapes, oranges, tasty, various and healthy food. You can reach snow-covered mountained regions from sea shore by a car approximately in 1 hour, if you want snow.