Construction of houses in Montenegro. Building a house in Montenegro

Construction of houses in Montenegro

One of the activities of our company is construction of housesreal estate objects in Montenegro. With years of experience in construction of houses in Montenegro, we can offer our construction services in Montenegro, at any stage from the search of area to the turnkey delivery of an object. We perform projects of any complexity, it could de a small vacation home or a complex high-rise buildings, commercial or residential real estate.

Building a house in Montenegro is much cheaper - the cost per square meter to turnkey build a house in Montenegro of our company is about 2 times lower than purchasing a finished property (depending on the materials and types of work).

Building a house in Montenegro, milestones and services:

Plot search.

At this stage, we search a site that meets your criteria: price, area, location, possibility of construction of the intended object. Check the "purity" of the documents, the possibility of building on the site, help with the preparation of documents of buying and selling, follow during the transaction in court, assist in the execution of a building permission (if there is no one).

Design, budgeting.

This stage includes the development of an individual project, taking into account all your wishes. Approval of the project in the inventory. Design the exterior and interior, matched the necessary materials to build according to your preferences, if desired can be a joint trip to the shops of building materials. Cost estimates for work and materials.


Main stages:

  • clearing, grading, site development;
  • foundation work, erection of walls and ceilings;
  • raising the roof;
  • installation of windows and doors;
  • laying of wiring, plumbing, sewage;
  • exterior design of facades, which can be made from different types of plaster, wood, stone.


Agreement of design and materials, cost estimates for work, interior decoration.

In developing a project of construction of a house in Montenegro, we suggest original design solutions using classic, inexpensive or non-traditional materials, which will create a unique look. Will help with selection of materials and to find the most advantageous offer for you, agree to provide discounts. Provide a daily report of the work done.