Repair in Montenegro. Renovation in Montenegro

In addition to construction of houses in Montenegro our construction company "EVA Estate" engaged in the renovation in Montenegro, of any complexity.

Our works on renovation and repair services in Montenegro:

Renovation of apartments in Montenegro

  • - cosmetic alterations;
  • - appearance renovation;
  • stucco works, plastering work, the alignment of the walls;
  • - painting works;
  • - laying flooring (linoleum, laminate, parquet);
  • - laying ceramic tiles;
  • wallpapering;
  • - finishing "turnkey";
  • - turnkey interior decoration;
  • - overhaul;
  • - dismantling, installation of windows;

Houses renovation in Montenegro

  • - facade works;
  • - waterproofing;
  • - roof repair;
  • stone surfacing;
  • - electric installation works;
  • earthworks;
  • - replacement of windows and doors;
  • - pools instalation;
  • - plumbing works

Finishing works in Montenegro

Repair in Montenegro

Repair in Montenegro

Here we've presented a small part of repair, decoration works, which our company performs.

Buying property in Montenegro, there is often a problem of finding a good team for the repair of an apartment in Montenegro. It may be small cosmetic repairs, removal of defects, repairs. House renovation in Montenegro often required not only interior, but also the replacement of the roof, facade renovation, waterproofing, especially in coastal areas, especially where high humidity. Our company is ready to provide masters to perform any type of repair work in Montenegro.

Our experts will help you choose the best materials for repair, advise on work, the most appropriate time for the repair work, which estimates and perform the work in the stipulated time. Good knowledge of the construction market in Montenegro let us choose the best price when purchasing building materials for repairs in Montenegro.