Buying real estate (property) in Montenegro - price

Our company "EVA Estate" has been selling residential and commercial real estate in Montenegro. There is a base of proposals, which can be found here, as well, at your request we can find accommodation for your needs. We work throughout the territory of Montenegro. We offer apartments, houses and land plots for construction. We provide services to find objects, document verification, support for the deal. Upon request provide a video review of the object of interest in real time (via Skype), or by sending video and photo materials on your email.

As a rule, when buying realestate in Montenegro have some questions, further provide answers to the most popular of them (click to jump to a specific section.)


What you need to buy real estate in Montenegro

Thera are no special conditions for the purchase of realestate in Montenegro for the citizens of other countries, you just select the object and make a deal with the notary, which is financially, criminally responsible for the cleanliness of documents.

How to Buy Real Estate in Montenegro

Buying property in Montenegro can be divided into several stages:
Selection of the object - this step is not necessarily require your personal appearance, you can manually or through the agency select multiple items to suit your needs (size, location, type, type of finish, etc.). When you work with our agency, you can order video conference facilities.

Inspection of the selected options - at this stage you are, or your representative are coming to Montenegro to examine the selected objects. We will arrange a meeting you at the airport and then transfer to your selected object for inspection.

Preparation of documents

All real estate transactions in Montenegro are made by a notary who prepares documents, document preparation period is usually 2-3 days.

Bargain the deal

This step is the signing of the documents of sale. Property registration only after full payment. Payment Terms: by contract, you can pay the entire amount in full or in installments up to six months. Each input amount issued by a notary.
Registration of title is in the inventory, registration duration of 2 weeks. At this time, you can go home or we can help you to rent apartments.

Who should attend the transaction

When buying property in Montenegro requires personal presence, or the presence of your representative with power of attorney.

What documents are required to process the transaction

For processing the transaction, the buyer must have the following documents:

- Passport, other documents by a notary.

Compulsory payments before and after the purchase of real estate in Montenegro
The tax rate is 3% of the transaction value of realestate in Montenegro. Paid a lump sum within 15 days after the deal and signing the purchase agreement. In the case of non-payment of tax interest charges, and may be fined.
Payment notary for training, testing, documentation of the transaction is 5-7% of the cost. Paid a lump sum. If paying by installments, each payment shall be certified by a notary public for a fee.

In Montenegro acts annual property taxes and amounts to 0.8% of the cost. Paid once a year.

The cost of real estate in Montenegro

Prices on property in Montenegro are dependent on the proximity of the resort (the coast, ski resorts, national parks), city, exclusive object. With prices on the objects you can find here.

Where to buy property in Montenegro

Montenegro - a country with beautiful nature, so the choice of where to buy a home is diverse. This may be the coastal cities - Budva, Petrovac, Kotor, Bar, St. Stephen, Ulcinj, Herceg Novi. This may be a small, quiet villages just above, but with a view of the sea - Markovici, Lustica, Krasici, Drobni Pijesak, this may be the countryside in the north or near ski resorts - Kolasin, Mojkovac, Zabljak. It all depends on your preference.

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