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Buy apartment in Montenegro

The real estate market in Montenegro is constantly updated, built residential complexes, apartment buildings, infrastructure development.

When buying an apartment in Montenegro, in new building it will be, as a rule, high-rise complex on the territory of which has a swimming pool, parking, security. For those who want privacy there are objects in three-four story buildings with one entrance and a small number of apartments, ranging from one to four on the court.

In addition, there is a large selection of regions to buy a flat in Montenegro. If you prefer to stay on the coast, then you have the coastline from Herceg Novi to thirteen kilometer beach on the shore of the city of Ulcinj.

For lovers ski resorts, hiking trips, lake shores and rivers, you can buy an apartment in Montenegro in the north, in the resort area of ​​Kolasin, Zabljak.

Prices for apartments in Montenegro

Prices for apartments in Montenegro depends on the area - whether a selected area of ​​one of the tourist centers, distance from the sea, the external and internal condition of the apartment, is there a sea view from the balcony - as a rule  last floors. Often apartments in Montenegro sold with furniture, appliances. Prices for apartments in Montenegro also affect the status of the documents. If the documents have not been fully expect the end of registration, on such an apartment in Montenegro prices will be much lower.

Buying an apartment in Montenegro

The process of buying directly involves selection of options, the choice of which can be done through the Internet. Inspection of the apartment - the initial stage, we offer check your chosen flat in Montenegro, with live video broadcast over the Internet. This is followed by the arrival in Montenegro, and inspection. After the inspection is the procedure of purchase.

Apartment in Montenegro

Buy an apartment in Montenegro is beneficial not only for those who are going to move here, but also for those who often spend their holidays by the sea or mountains of Montenegro. Beautiful soft, warm climate, clean sea, sea air, and in the north is mountainous, suitable for people of all ages.

Many of us would like to live in warm countries, but few of us know how this is possible. One of the easiest ways to be able to come to Montenegro all year round is to buy an apartment in Montenegro.

You do not have to seek shelter in the middle of the season, or to move from one apartment to another. Furthermore, the purchase of an apartment in Montenegro will provide a reliable source of income - if for some reason you do not stay in Montenegro, you can pass your apartment lease or resell it profitable. Someone goes to the countryside in the summer, and you will have your own apartment in Montenegro.

Our company will help you to buy an apartment in Montenegro.

Flat Budva 44m  


New apartment in the best district of Budva - 44 m2. Direct selling, without middleman.

Cost 110,000 €. An installment possible.

Flat Budva 35m  

Apartment in Budva - 35 m2. With sea view.

Cost 60,000 €.

Apartment Seoce 105m  

Apartment in Seoce, 105m.

Cost 190,000 €.

Apartment Bar 28m  

SOLD Apartment in Bar 28m.

Cost 44,000 €.