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Choosing plot in Montenegro to build a house to pay attention to a few important details, such as, land breed section, the presence or possibility of summing up water, sewer, electricity, possibility of real estate, the building permit. Another important point is the presence of an access route to the site, the possibility of direct access from the site to the sea, own pier. At the station in the coastal area to build their own berth must obtain permission from the appropriate authority.

The land in Montenegro is characterized by soil from solid rock, especially noticeable in the coastal zone. In the construction in such areas clearing, leveling, most likely, a little more expensive, because, require more powerful construction machinery and blasting. Also it can be uneven plots located on the slopes of the mountains. However, there are quite a number of flat parcels in Montenegro of soft rock composed of clay or fertile land.

Plots in Montenegro - Categories

Plots in Montenegro are divided into several categories, and depending on them to define the purpose of the parcel. For the construction of the site should be on the urbanized areas listed in the inventory and have a building permit. When buying check on what area of ​​the site, in percentage terms, the building can be made if there is a possibility of posting communications.

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land markovici 4100m  

Plot intended for building of a house in Markovici, with a view of sea, 4100 m2.

Cost 100 € m2.

land lustica 3916m  

Plot on Lushtica peninsula 3916 m2.

Cost 45 € m2.

land selijane 16108m  

Plot near Piva lake 16108 m2.

Cost 300,000 €.

land radanovici 4398m  

Plot in Radanovichi settlement 4398 m2.

Cost 135,000 €.